Inayatulah Rice Mills

Super Kernel Brown Rice

Super kernel Basmati Brown Rice is the finest quality rice produced from Super Paddy of the Punjab region of Pakistan. The dried up paddy is passed through the pneumatic rubber rollers to seperate from its peel i.e. husk.


Steamed Super Kernel Rice

Our Steamed rice quality is unparalleled. The moisture of the rice is reduced to make it aged through most advanced steaming procedure. LRM reduces the wait which its customers had to do for the rice to get aged.


Super Kernel White Rice

Super kernel Basmati Rice, Kernel Basmati Rice Extra long grain rice is finest quality rice produced in the Northern areas of our country.Super kernel Basmati Extra long grain rice.



Company is committed to and endeavoring to do environment-friendly and pollution curtailing rice processing business while continually improving its Green practices and complying by all applicable national and other standards. Company is focused to interact consistently with and address the concerns of all interested parties

Love with deal

We are established company, having more than 20 years experience of working nationally and internationally with sound financial capability and import business contacts.


We are professional

IRM strength is our rice plants, our professional working team, procedure, and our product quality & service. We have customer dedicated tram to provide information in a professional way.


Best quality services

We process and supply premium quality rice under most hygienic conditions to our customers around the World. IRM has established a true Business Model that has focused on customer demands.


happy client

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